Our Process

Our streamlined project process transforms raw ideas into real world results for you, our clients. And we don't rest on our laurels ever, our team is always fine tuning our process as new ideas and technologies emerge.

Discover & Identify

We open our minds and dig deep into who you are, what your business is about and what you’re looking to accomplish. We ask lots of questions to better understand your goals, competitors, and business plan.

Prioritize & Plan

With our knowledge gained from the discovery phase, we morph that into a realistic action plan. At this time we construct a project time line, budget, key information contacts, approval process, and a clear set of expectations for both your team and ours.

Brand & Build

Using the approved plan, we create the design and concept and the project begins to take form. Our minds don’t stop working until we’ve found the best solutions to accomplish the project goals. We back up our designs with the cleanest up to date code on the planet!

Test & Launch

The project is extensively reviewed and checked by various members of the collaborative team until we have the final proof and approval for live deployment. This includes thorough user testing, quality assurance, and browser compatibility testing.

    Want a website that you can easily edit yourself?
    How about the ability to easily add thousands of new features via plugins?
    Have you been hearing about Wordpress more and more lately?
    If the answer to any of those questions is yes, you're in the right place!


Foods Galore

Foods Galore needed a website that matched their current corporate image and allowed for future expansion, on the content/products side, as the company grows. Jab Studio gave Foods Galore a beautifully illustrated site they can …



Eagle Auto came to Jab Studio looking for a personalized site to set him apart of the many other car and fleet service stations. They also wanted a website that they could edit and maintain …


Ultra Rad

Ultra Rad a medical software software developer/licenser based in Cherry Hill New Jersey needed a new web site displaying, through illustrations and new content, their newest releases. Jab Studio created a design, using illustrations as …



Jab Studio created a a client experience that walks them through the sales process while providing answers to common questions, easy access to unit information and multiple ways to contact an agent for assistance, including …


Designer Drapes

Designer Drapes based in Philadelphia PA wanted a fresh clean website to both match their services offered and style. Jab Studio built a WordPress web site presenting all of Designer’s finished projects along with all …


Stephanie Krikorian

Stephaniekrikorian.com came to Jab Studio to migrate their blog from an outdated system to a new WordPress install. Jab Studio created a custom theme and plugins for their site and migrated years of archived posts.



The Skoogfit team in NYC came to Jab Studio looking for a hip new website design which would reflect their full range of physical fitness services. Jab Studio created a bright easy to navigate website …


Smart & Skinny

Smart & Skinny came to Jab Studio looking for a clean modern website that they could edit themselves and that’s what we provided. Jab Studio also helped them build their Twitter Facebook and LinkedIn presences.


Gyros and More

Design a brand that will take a local restaurant to the next level of recognition on a multiple store level.



A brand that speaks to customers for design as well as social media services.


Martirano Landscape

Client was looking for an eye catching design that work across all print and web related media.


NJ Best Video

Design a brand around a photography/video company.


Generic Trademark

Develop a new brand for a division of Johnson & Johnson.


Atlantic Powder Coating

Incorporate a wave into a multi-color design for a powder coating service located in New Jersey.


A&L Septic

Redesign a new brand that brings a “Green” feel into the customers identity.



Design a logo that can stand alone as a graphic as well with text.


Wivenhoe Group

Keep it simple, sometimes works best.


Destined to be Great

The clients concept of life/business coaching their clients from where they are now to a more successful life.


Turbo Kick

Design an eye catching graphic that will pull in customers to a local New Jersey based workout studio.


Big Board Big Wave

Design a brand that not only could work in small areas like on business cards or on the clients online store, but also cross over and be a successful product on store garments.


Bag Ma Ladi

Design a sexy identity that not only displayed the product but displayed what the product was for with an urban edge.


The Crossings

Design a new brand for a clients residential development that not only worked for the name presented but brought in a local area feel to the design.


Hedone Gallery

Hedone Gallery needed a optimized site, meant to be used as a sales tool, advertising their group of artists and their artists jewelry at National Jewelry Expos as well as sell their line of products …



Redesign hcdi.net, using existing site elements and content, for increased visibility for customers, potential agents and employees. Provide users with a seamless experience that makes it easy to learn about HCD Research, contact an agent …


Mud City Crab House

My client was looking to take his original web sites look and feel and move it into a responsive design so that customers could view his site and menus on multiple devices with ease.

Clients We've Worked With

What We Excell In

We believe that simple and beautiful websites connect you to your customers in the most effective way. And design isn’t just about how it looks, but also about how it works. We work with you to understand your business goals and your customers’ needs. Then we collaborate to create a polished and functional site that will call your customers to action, solving their problems and helping you reach your goals.

Stand Out
Logos & Branding

To your customers and users your brand is your identity, it encompasses everything about you and your products or services. We understand this and so work with you and your customers, or prospective customers, to ensure your identity fits.

Web Design

There's a lot more to web design than pretty pictures and fancy javascript effects, user experience is exactly what it sounds like; it's a multi-faceted discipline that permeates every service we offer; ensuring that the people using your website get what they need, when they need it, and perhaps most importantly come back for more.

Web Development

We deliver standards-compliant code using a combination of the latest, industry-leading best practices. We continually update our knowledge on all of the latest best practices and techniques, so you can always be sure your site will be as future proof as possible. Oh and we do responsive like no other!

We Love

Want a website that you can easily edit? How about the ability to easily add thousands of new features through the use of plugins? Have you been hearing about Wordpress more and more lately? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you've come to the right place. Jab Studio specializes in custom Wordpress sites and can get you started today.

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